Re-UPDATED 10/19/14! Latest Action Flyer For “No Bar in The Backyard”

UPDATED: CB 11 CHANGED THE MEETING LOCATION SATURDAY MORNING, 10/18, and we only found out about it Saturday night.

Here is our latest flyer with the changed meeting location, with info on the upcoming 10/21/14 Community Board Meeting. It also has important local politicians’ contact info.  PLEASE email and/or download and then print as many copies as you can ASAP and distribute them throughout the neighborhood, both to those who have not heard of this issue, and to neighbors who have already signed petitions (please also try and ask for their email or contact info, so we can keep them updated…). We need everyone there at the CB 11 meeting  on 10/21…


“Did you hear? There’s a bar in the neighborhood trying to expand, and they are going to be serving dozens SIXTY of their customers in the small, brick–walled, echo chamber backyard next to ours!”



Do you know what that noise is going to be like when we are trying to sleep or relax?

We need to tell our neighbors! Including the ones we may have already spoken with, who don’t realize there are now going to be SIXTY PEOPLE in that narrow backyard, plus a larger overflow in front of the bar on the sidewalk!

“And don’t forget, even if some of our neighbors aren’t right on our block, once this bar expands, more and more bars will move into the surrounding neighborhood, driving up rents for small businesses
and making the area crazy at night!”


To get our latest, 1 page flyer for the Petition and the upcoming 10/21 Community Board Meeting, click on FLYERev11 to display, print or save to your computer or mobile device. (it prints best if you save the PDF to your computer).

(If you would like us to email you the PDF, just contact us at

The short link for this page is

Please pass this link around and please print copies of the flyer and distribute them to your neighbors, Tenant Association, or Board (and if you do have a TA or Board, please put someone from them in touch with us, or  vice versa, so we can work together to get more neighbors involved).

Remember, the good night’s sleep you preserve just might be your own…


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