Take a Poll & Leave Comments

Our new petition page is over here; even if you hand-signed the paper petition and/or took the poll below previously, please sign our iPetition!

(If you haven’t signed the hard copy /paper  petition, please contact us and we will meet you at a mutually convenient time).

Take this poll as well, and leave some comments.

If you are even thinking of attending the Community Board at 6 PM on Wednesday, Oct. 21,  please remember to call or email us with your contact info, and get the event info here.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with either your name, or initials, and/or  your building address. Tell us and the neighborhood how you really feel about having a bar expanding into a backyard you share the air with!


Your 97-98 Lex Park Neighbors.


6 thoughts on “Take a Poll & Leave Comments

  1. Thank you for organizing this campaign. I am the President of the 105 E 97th Street HDFC and will help to organize for the meeting on October 1st. Thank you for your efforts, Pat Fry

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