Immediate Action Re Bar In Your Backyard Project

Attend the 12/30/2014 hearing by the State Liquor Authority!

See info here. Let us know you will be coming.


Contact us to sign the hard copy petition. We will meet with you wherever you like at your convenience, or will email it to you.

Or you can download the hard copy here. Sign, scan and email back to us; or we can meet you to pick it up. You can reach us at or by phone at 929-286-1913

Volunteer. Are you Facebook savvy? Or can you walk the block with a petition to get signatures? Please contact us ASAP at or by phone at 929-286-1913

See / download a flyer for the petition here.

Blog with updated info here.

Contacts & Complaint #’s re “The Bar In Your Backyard” here.

Take a poll by clicking here.


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