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Email us at 9798LexPark@gmail.com to receive an email when new posts are added here, for updated and late breaking news by email, or for more info on how to get involved in your block.

And be sure leave us a comment or question at the bottom of the page!!

We are your neighbors who live and/or work on or in the vicinity of 97th or 98th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues, in Manhattan.

If you live or work here as well, and your primary goal is to maintain the residential nature of this neighborhood and the surrounding blocks, welcome!

FYI: We are not “anti-growth”; we simply wish to enjoy the quiet use of our apartments, homes, and streets without the noise and aggravation of many dozens of noisy drunks. smokers or diners outside our backyard windows, or outside our front windows or in front of our doorways, and we are also trying to keep construction and development to a height and pace tht doesn’t overwhelm the neighborhood.

Similarly for traffic and construction. We know this is not a pastoral neighborhood, but there’s no reason to simply ignore or tolerate constant disruption of our homes and lives.

When we were out in the Fall of 2014 gathering signatures to oppose the expansion of a local bar into an outdoor BEER GARDEN stretching across THREE BACKYARDS, we noted that  many who share our concerns live 2, 3 or even 4 blocks away.

They understand that we must work all together to prevent “creeping Bar-barism…”. Where 3 bars are expanding, more will follow. And after this block is saturated with bars, yours will be next.

The same applies to construction. This is New York. We all know that buildings and lots get bought and sold and renovated. But we would like to stop it from being nonstop, year in and year out, and we would also prefer to maintain the mixed-height balance on our blocks.

If you want to maintain this area of NYC, or even all of NYC for the quiet and safe enjoyment for those who live and work here, please email us to be advised of news and meetings.

Bars and construction are not the only quality of life issue for our neighborhood.

Transportation, crime, smart growth, and the environment… we want to hear from you what projects we can work on as a Neighborhood Association.

If you have experience in neighborhood groups, if you’re a Facebook maven, just have some ideas, suggestions or even complaints, your 97-98 Lexington and Park Avenue Neighbors want to hear from you!

Please be sure to  print our pages for  your neighbors without internet, and please forward our webpage to any neighbors you think will be interested.

There are many neighborhoods in NYC where the storefronts are filled with bars and restaurants  lined up one next to each other, the residential backyards are filled with restaurants and cafes driving the surrounding neighbors crazy, and every year a new low or mid-height building is being replaced by a high-rise.

We who live here simply prefer that 97th and 98th between Park and Lexington not be one of those blocks.  If you agree, please join us.

You can reach us at 9798lexpark@gmail.com or by phone at 347-674-0742.


7 thoughts on “About / Contact / Join Us

  1. HI, I am already a member. How does one actually sign the petition? If I am referring someone to sign online, where does that person sign? I have been referring to the website, but don’t see actually where to sign. Should they contact the gmail address? Thanks so much, Marie Baker-Lee


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