VIP: Contacts & Complaint #’s

 The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease!

Our local representatives need to hear from you NOW.

CALL & EMAIL Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer: 212-669-8300
CALL & EMAIL Councilman Ben Kallos: 212-860-1950
CALL & EMAIL State Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez: 212-828-3953
CALL & EMAIL State Senator Jose Serano: (212)-828-5829
CALL & EMAIL State Senator Bill Perkins: 212-222-7315

TELL THEM YOU ARE OPPOSED TO ANY BEER GARDEN AND ANY BUSINESSES in NYC neighborhood backyards, that this and any commercial expansion in backyards will destroy the quality of life of hundreds of surrounding neighbors, & that this expansion will become a magnet for more bars in the area, destroying the residential quality of the neighborhood.


URGENT: If you see underage drinking, or adults drinking on the street in front of Earl’s Beer & Cheese or Guthries, contact the NY State Liquor Authority: (518) 474-3114 & select option 2, or send an email to:


 MORE VERY IMPORTANT CONTACTS for the “no bar in our backyards” project:

If you are fed up with and bothered by the noisy, smoking, inebriated Earl’s customers blocking the sidewalk in front of Earl’s last night, last weekend, or even during the week, or if their noise and/or cigarettes are coming in your windows from the front, please call 311 now or go online here to file a complaint about it! (YOU CAN DO THIS ANONYMOUSLY).No complaints? Earl’s says “no problem!”

As far as we know there were no permits they only pulled a permit LAST WEEK for the months of work they have done  in the backyard and in the buildings to give Earl’s proposed SIXTY ADDTITIONAL customers access to the THREE yards…

Contact the NYC Buildings Dept (you do not have to give your name) by calling 311, file a new complaint if you have info or add your name to the following existing building complaint #s  here:

Complaint # C1-1-1007379571
Date Submitted: 08/28/14
Request Type: No Building Permit filed (for construction being done) regarding an alteration to the backyard or access to the backyard.

Complaint #: C1-1-1007397021
Date Submitted: 08/28/14
Request Type: Construction In Progress
Details: Unauthorized change of Grade / Water Flowing Onto Property.



Politely and briefly explain where you live, why this expansion is bad for you and for the neighborhood, and ask that they express their opposition to the Community Board 11’s allowing Earls Beer and Cheese to expand into THREE backyards…

Explain that this is a serious health and quality of life issue, where noise and cigarette smoke and food and beer smells will come into your windows, and that the expansion of this bar will Infringe upon your quiet enjoyment of residential rights as a renter (or shareholder) in your building that faces, or is next to these THREE backyards where 60 people will be drinking beer and carousing all day and night.

If you email any of their offices, please try and and BCC us or forward us copies of what you fill out on their contact form pages.


Contact Community Board 11:

1664 Park Avenue, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10035

Tel :   212-831-8929/30
Fax :   212-369-3571


General information:
Matthew S. Washington, Chair –
Angel D. Mescain, Assistant District Manager –
Norma Ojeda, Community Associate –

Twitter @ManhattanCB11


City Councilman Ben Kallos (212) 860-1950

Twitter: @BenKallos


NY State Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez — District 68

55 East 115th St, New York, NY 10029


Contact our Congresswoman

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney
1651 3rd Avenue, Suite 311

New York, NY 10128-3679

Phone: 212-860-0606Email the Congresswoman here.



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