Print/Download/Sign Hard Copy Of The Petition

 Along with the online petition, we really need your hard-copy, signature on our petition to present to the Community Board on Oct 21.

If you haven’t already met with us and personally signed a petition, either we can come to you at your convenience, or you can download the petition below, or  we can  email it to you.

To open, display in your browser and print  the PDF file of our hard copy petition, please click this link:


(You can also download the PDF from that above link with the appropriate mouse / gesture / key combo).

Sign it, get your neighbors to sign it (and email or print extra copies for your neighbors and get them to get their neighbors to sign it….).

When you have 1 or more signatures on it,  contact us and and we can get it from you, or you fax it to us 877-900-2360  fax, or scan it  and email it to us at, or call us at 929-286-1913 and we will meet you and pick it up.

If you prefer to meet and sign the petition in person, please contact us at or by phone at 929-286-1913.

If you would like us to email you the PDF, please let us know us at

Please do print copies of the petition and the latest flyer and distribute them to your neighbors, Tenant Association, or Board (and if you do have a TA or Board, please put someone from them in touch with us, or  vice versa, so we can work together to get more neighbors involved).

Instructions for returning printed, signed petitions are on… the petition…

Remember, the only way to get the Community Board to consider denying the expansion is to have many of our neighbors signing the petitions, as well showing up at the Community Board Meeeting on Wed., October 21.


6 thoughts on “Print/Download/Sign Hard Copy Of The Petition

  1. i would really like to sign a petition but why is it so hard to figure out how to sign one online….is there no real “online” and instead we are talking about a PDF download and then getting it back to you…this seems like quite an awkward process…
    104 East 98th Street


    1. You can sign the online one at the link in the second paragraph here:

      I hope you’ll also try and come to the Oct. 21 CB meeting (see our home page for info), and if you can get others in your building or nearby to sign the online petition (or download the hard copy) thats great too!

      Please contact us by email if you have any further questions / ideas, at

      Thanks so much for your interest, and for your patience.


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