How would you like a bar in your backyard, with people smoking outside your window?

Smoking is prohibited in the following outdoor areas of public places, except as otherwise restricted in accordance with the provisions below:

1. Outdoor dining areas of restaurants with no roof or other ceiling enclosure; provided, however, that smoking may be permitted in a contiguous outdoor area designated for smoking so long as such area: (i) constitutes no more than twenty-five percent of the outdoor seating capacity of such restaurant; (ii) is at least three feet away from the outdoor area of such restaurant not designated for smoking; and (iii) is clearly designated with written signage as a smoking area.

Above info is from page 12 at here.

2002 NYC Smoke-Free Air Act (SFAA)  § 17-501 NYC; “Smoke-Free Air Act.”17-503, C


4 thoughts on “How would you like a bar in your backyard, with people smoking outside your window?

  1. we don’t need to bring to our backyard what we watch in tv everyday- we were ok and all of the sudden we have 2 bars back to back. The parking was bad, now people fight for it. The two bars plus 3 others businesses make this a nightmare


    1. Absolutely. Your comment re the parking is spot on, many people we have met in the neighborhood are complaining how bad the parking has gotten since the bars have opened.

      If Earl’s expansion is approved he will have up to SIXTY additional customers in the back yard at any given time, and who knows how many hanging out in the front, so parking is going to get a lot worse unless we convince the Community Board to deny his expansion.

      Everyone must sign the petitions and
      COME TO THE COMMUNITY BOARD MEETING, tonight, Wed. Oct. 1. Details here:


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