After Action / Situation Report On The Recent Community Board 11 Meeting.

(Some of you may have received part of this by email; if you are not on our email list, be sure and contact us with your email and / telephone number below).

Last Wed. evening, Oct. 1, almost 2 dozen members of 97-98 Lexington and Park Ave. Neighbors presented their united opposition to Earl’s plans to expand into THREE backyards, faced by hundreds of apartments.

Bringing over 110 signatures gathered in the previous weeks, and after a few very smooth, (and some raucous) comments from our crowd, the CB 11 License Committee took a vote: the only motion made was to deny the bar’s application for expansion, and the motion failed:

Y 4
A 3
N 3

More importantly, no vote was taken to approve Earl’s application…

…According to multiple staffers from multiple local politicians office, we  did a lot of things right:

We got the signatures, brought the neighbors, and made and sent important calls and emails. But we’re not done. There will be more Community Board Meetings in the next few weeks and months, and we must stay focussed, and get more organized.

If you are willing to continue our fight to keep a 60 seat BEER GARDEN out of those backyards, ruining both our homes and leading to further BAR-barism of the neighborhood (and/or if you have other ideas for our block association to focus on), please let us know ASAP if you can make a 97-98 Lexington and Park Ave. Neighbors meeting set tentatively for this coming Tuesday evening, Oct. 7th at 7 PM.

This will be our intro planning meeting, both for how / where to take 97-98 Lex Park Neighbors, as well as where we stand / how are we going further re Earls.

The tentative current location is on the 97-98 Lex/Park block, but we need to know how many are coming; if you haven’t yet RSVP’d and especially if we don’t have your email and /or tel. number, please contact us below.




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