10/21/14 Full CB 11 Meeting Recap


There was a vote at the Community Board 11 meeting tonight. At the very end of the evening, after almost everyone went home…

I will get some experts to explain the vote tomorrow…

MAJOR LEAGUE pats on the back to all those who designed, mailed and put out fliers, made calls, came to the CB meetings, and of course, thank you to our stalwart Ken D and spokesman Ken F.

WE ARE NOT DONE ON THIS ISSUE, and there are other projects to work on. One comment I will pass on is “those people at 9798 Lex Park sure are committed!”

Speaking of commitment…

Yesterday I sent an email out about classes being offered by the Manhattan Borough President’s Office. I am taking the Land Use 101 / intro zoning class starting tomorrow.

I highly encourage you to peruse the classes and take one or more. You don’t have to become a member of the CB to take them, (it is required if you want to get on the CB….). But it will help you to become a more informed citizen.

PS –  The monthly 23rd Precinct Community Council meeting is Wednesday, October 22nd at 6 pm at the 23rd Precinct, 164 E. 102 Street (between Lexington and Third).

(If you go, either take a cab, or I suggest walking up and down Third Avenue., it’s less of a hill than on Lexington).



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